"It’s Time For You To Be Completely Honest With Yourself. The Reason You Haven’t Made Serious Money On The Internet Is Not Your Fault"

 You'll Get Paid Even If You Fail With This System.
Even If You Don't Have A Product Or Web Site Yet.
Even If You Tried To Market A Product With No Success.

"I’m about to show you a secret that all those
Self Proclaimed Internet Marketing Gurus”
don’t want you to ever find out about!"

jason isaacson and my baby
Jason Isaacson

You're about to get some of my money by simply understanding how you arrived at this website!…Below I'll explain exactly what I'm talking about and how you're about to profit from it. (You're going to love this!)  You probably think it was just a fluke that you landed on this page…Find out below how I planned for you to arrive at this website. I can even tell you which search engine you found me from. Yes, it’s honestly no coincidence that you’ve landed on this page. You can look at me like an internet marketing scientist.

 I've mastered the science of funneling people into this website and I’d like to show you exactly how I got you to arrive at this page so easily. But I know some of you will swear up and down that you found me by fluke.  Here’s what most people say to me when they call me: “You’ll never guess how I found your website?” I smile and tell them “I can tell you exactly how you got to my website. I assure you it was no coincidence!

"I Planned The Whole Thing!"

I planned the whole thing, kind of like when someone lines up a bunch of dominoes that go all around their house, down the stairs, across counters, and all that. Once they set up all their dominoes, they just push the first one over and the “Chain-Reaction” happens and “Automation” begins.  That’s how my system works.

That’s how you found this website!  Because I simply use a few internet tools most people don’t know about and I line them up like dominoes. Then, when I push the first one over, it triggers the others which causes a snowball effect that brings thousands of interested people directly to my website (or yours.) You know it works because you’re here right now and you’re curious to know how you can use this same technique for yourself.  If I showed you just "ONE" of the tools I use, you'd have money being deposited into your account within 24 hours from now. What if I agreed to show you even more of my tools? You're moments away from witnessing my greatest secret!

"Let me take a guess at what’s on your mind"

You’re sick and tired of all these people telling you how filthy rich they’re going to make you.  You’re sick and tired of all these people flashing pictures of gold bars, mansions, exotic cars, etc. You and I both know they’re just trying to trick you into buying something you don’t need. Then, when you finally do buy it and take a look at what was supposed to be the “Greatest Thing”, you realize that they really make their money by draining your bank account with fees and monthly recurring bills, and you never really had a chance in the first place.  
And you’ll do it again!  It’s pure insanity because you keep doing the same thing while getting tricked and feeling like a fool. And I know what you’re thinking about me and this website right now too:  This is what you’re thinking:  “What makes you any different from the rest of these cheaters and scammers?”  
“Why should I trust you?”  “Aren’t you just going to take my money and leave me with empty promises like all the crooks out there?”

"Hear What The Police Have To Say About The Doublepayment System" 
Christopher Fontaine, California Police Officer  

Here’s what’s different:  The fact that you’ve arrived on this page as a result of my Double Payment System is proof that it works!  If you’ll give me the chance, I’d like to share how easy it is with you.  I can help you set up an identical, carbon copy of my website for you. 
I can literally give you the exact same system I use. But I must warn you, I’m not going to give it away for free!  When you’ve got something this easy that instantly gets such strong results, you don’t give it away for nothing!  Although I’m not going to give it to you for free, I do promise to be extremely fair and generous with my price.

Here’s what I’m going to do for you right now:  I’m going to bring all of the pieces together and make sure you understand each step.  I’m going to show you exactly how we’re making the money and how you’re going to begin making this money as well. So turn your phones off and any other distractions off so you’ll be able to fully soak this material up.

The best way to begin explaining my system is this: Your visit here is the result of my “Double Payment System.”  You are the exact type of person the “Double Payment System” brings to me.  It’s more powerful than those magnets that can lift cars!  You already know that’s true because you’re here reading this right now. 

And you weren’t the only one.  The same day this system brought you here, it also attracted an average of 2,130 other people just like you. The good news is my system is targeted to only attract people who are serious about starting an Internet business to make a major financial change in their lives.  If you weren’t a match, you wouldn't be reading this right now.

This system will never attract people who don't have the entrepreneurial spirit or the drive to succeed. This system doesn’t attract people who are consumed with too much fear or indecision to make a positive change in their life! The reason for this is because I've done years of testing and screening of keywords to find out which keywords attract potential business owners, and which keywords just get the tire kickers and newsletter junkies.

Find Out How You Can.... 
Make A Full Time Income By Spending Only 1 Hour A Day At Your Computer.
Reduce By Half Or Completely Eliminate The Cost Of Online Advertising.
The Truth About Social Network And How It Could Actually Prevent Your Success Without This Secret.
Understand the single most powerful and important new billing technique that virtually all successful internet marketers have in common.

"Fellow Entrepreneurs...Your New Income Is Just A Click Away.”

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Did You Notice? All of  our customer testimonials are in video or audio. Have you seen the sites with written testimonials that all sound like they're written by the same person? Me too, and I don't trust those places either. Who am I? My name is Jason Isaacson and I’d like to let you know what I do for a living. I can tell you a little bit about it right here and now, but I can’t tell you everything because then you’d never buy my book. Hey, I'm all about being bluntly honest!

    I'd Like To Highly Recommend What Jason Teaches.....

Anne MarieAvellar

  "You have good reason to be skeptical"

 As you already know, most systems that claim they can “Make You Rich” aren’t what they claim to be.  Most are down-right scams!  But it’s sad when I see people each day who let all their past failures limit their future success. Success is already inside of you.  You just need the keys that I'm about to give you.

So many people just lack the faith to keep exploring new things and keep an open mind.  After they get burned once, they turn their back on any further exploration and go back to an unsatisfying life, lacking in finances, freedom, and happiness.  These people believe everything involving "Money Making Opportunities" must be a scam.

I wish I could get those people to become alive again and show them there really is a “REAL SYSTEM” like this one that actually works with very little effort!  But those people now have closed their minds and aren’t willing to keep an open mind anymore.

 Jason, Thank You So Much! 

Sandy Shepherd

Those people will never know about this system because this system doesn’t attract closed minded individuals like that.  This system spits them out while they’re half-way through the first page of this system.  Those people most certainly wouldn’t have taken the next step to get where you are right now.

By reading this far down the page, you’ve already made an investment in yourself which means you’re looking to build toward your long-term future. So you raised your hand and said: “I want to know the truth about making money on the internet!”
“I know there must be something out there that really works!”  So you raised your hand and basically told me: “I’m ready to make a change”  I want more out of life and there’s no reason why I should have to live a life without everything I want.  Why should my family have to be satisfied with just scraping by, living paycheck to paycheck? I deserve more, my family deserves more!

  "He'll Be Right There For You...Thank You So Much"

Vonda Downs

How do I know all this about you?  Because you’ve already taken the steps to separate yourself from the people who gave up and quit looking.  By simply making it this far down on this page, it tells me you’re willing to go that “Extra Mile” to get what you deserve in life and you’re willing to fight for it.  It tells me you’re not one of those people that just throws in the towel and gives up!

You should also understand that nobody called you in order to get you here. Calling people you don't know is a total waste of your time!  As you already know, cold-calling is a terrible thing to do to yourself and the person on the other end of the line.  Simply put, prospecting with cold-leads is one of the most inefficient things you can do to grow an online business. 

You shouldn’t have to twist people’s arms to get them interested in your offer.  You shouldn’t have to beg people to listen to conference calls or watch presentations.  Nobody wants a salesman in their face.

Nobody likes to be sold to and nobody likes to sell!  Deep down, we all know there’s a better way to get people to pay you for a product without being a pushy salesperson.  You’ll never see me doing any selling or pushing people to do things they don’t want to do. Would you want to do that? Of course not!

 "I can't say enough good things about Jason"

Nick Krantz

But that’s the beauty of this system…You don’t ever have to call anyone!  I never call a single person unless they call me first or email me first.  While you’re viewing this presentation, I’m probably out, enjoying my life, so don’t expect a sales call from me! The only time someone from my company will call you is if you’re doing the system wrong and we can clearly see you need help. 

Although I don’t believe in calling people to sell them something, I do believe it’s critical to call people to help them go through the step-by-step process of making money online.  That’s just basic training. So I do promise to be here for you if you need any help getting started.

But this system is so fool-proof and idiot-proof that it would be extremely difficult for you to screw it up.  And there’s really only one way you could possibly mess this up, and that’s if you start calling people and being a salesperson.  So as long as you promise me you’ll never call anyone, be pushy, or act like a "Sales Person", you’ll do good at this.

"And The #1 Reason People Fail Is..."

Because you're trying to be a salesperson instead of letting "The System" do the "Selling" for you. Doesn’t it make you feel good to finally know the truth about making big money online is to find a system that completely eliminates “SELLING!”  Yes, this system will be doing the “UGLY” part (the selling) for you with zero effort on your part!  Yes, you just let this system do what I designed it to do for you, and you’ll be smiling your way to the bank! 

You simply point the traffic sources I provide you with to the website I give you and “Bingo!” ---You’ve got money in the bank!

So you can now see why you’ve failed in the past:  You were trying too hard!  If you’ll agree to stop trying so hard, and agree to simply let the “Domino Effect” do the “Heavy Lifting” for you, you’ll finally experience that success you’ve been searching for all this time. I’ve spent years perfecting this system and it pays like clock-work!

This is the reason I have so many successful students using this system to support their families right now. This is also the reason why I have so many guarantees to back up my promise to you.  This is why I’m willing to go that extra mile for you and allow you to call me at 530-222-1659 when ever you want.  Normally I wouldn’t want people calling me all day long, but this is a unique situation that only comes along once. 

If you take a look at my master-plan, you’ll see that I’m only planning on answering the phone and offering one-on-one coaching for three more months.  Why only three more months?  Because if this thing keeps moving as fast as it’s been going for me and all my students (like you), I won’t have anymore room for new people, three months from now.

I’ve already been using this system for several years, and I just keep watching new people make the money they’ve been looking for.  Not only have I been doing this for years, but every month I’ve tweaked and perfected it to the point where I can no longer find any new ways to make it better. I’ve watched the results of this system for years and it’s to the point where large companies are now asking to buy the whole system from me so they can use it exclusively for their sales and marketing dept.

"Will I Have To Advertise? How Much Will I Have To Spend On Advertising?"

The answer is yes, and I’ll show you my favorite spot on the internet to place little ads that have been pre-written for you.  I probably shouldn’t make this offer to you, but I’ll even let you use the same ads I’ve been using and I’ll show you the exact location I’ve had the most success with them. Why would I be willing to show you all of this if I can simply do it for myself? 

Simple, I’ve already made millions of dollars doing this and I believe there comes a time when you must “Pay It Forward” just like Oprah always says.  Yes, you heard right… You’re witnessing the only internet marketer who actually watches Oprah and isn’t ashamed to admit it.  But Oprah’s right about that.  You can’t just live your life hoarding up material possessions. 

You’ll feel terrible inside if your life is only about making more money.  The only way you’ll ever feel true success inside you is when you make the decision to create wealth for others.  Warren Buffet and Bill Gates give away most of what they make.  Granted, I’m not giving you cash, but I am at least willing to give you the treasure map, so to speak.  Yes, I’m willing to take you to the exact location where I’ve made all these millions and give you the exact same ads and websites it took me years to discover, so you can hit the ground running.

Again, I’m not being as generous as Oprah, Bill Gates, or Warren Buffet, because I’m not giving all this up for nothing like they might…No, I’m going to charge you a fair price for all this.

Think about how you got here.  Do you realize all the steps that brought you to this website?  Most people don’t realize my powerful marketing magnets began attracting you to this page way before you entered this website.  In the same way that a long line of dominoes starts at the beginning and continues falling, you got vacuumed up into this system several websites ago. 

I’m going to show you how each step of the process works, starting from the first page.  You’ll be the one getting paid as the dominoes fall.

Your new system will be no different than mine.  You’ll be using the exact same ads, search engine listings, and auto-responders that I use.  You’ll even be using this exact same website you’re reading right now for yourself! You could make changes to what I give you, but why would you want to mess with something that’s already proven?

You probably already know what the term “Conversion Rate” means. It's the percentage of how many people order your product out of a hundred visitors to your site. When you see the conversion rate you’re about to get with this, you’ll never go back to trying those worthless programs you’ve lost money on in the past. 

How can I deliver such a perfect system to you while it seems nobody else can?  I have to admit my secret to you…I had no life back when I was creating this system!  My staff had no life either back then!  We all sat around computers for 14 hours a day including weekends!  We barely ate or slept because of our extreme focus!

"We spent all of our time perfecting this system so you don't have to reinvent the wheel."

Plus, I knew if we worked hard back then, none of us, including you, would ever have to work hard again after putting this system to use in the future. You'll always be getting the best possible conversion rates!

We’ve even figured out the biggest problem most internet marketers face: “How do I get good quality traffic to my website or to this system?” Again, that’s the kind of stuff we’ve figured out back when we were working 14 hour days. I know places to advertise that you’ve probably never even heard of. I know where to get the best possible price on your ads.

I know ad brokers that can get you top placement for pennies on the dollar! I have two people working for me that do nothing more than research, study, and test every last place you could possibly advertise on the net!  And we don’t believe in blind advertising, non-targeted advertising or buying unqualified leads.

When It Comes To Internet Advertising, Everything I Show You Will Be Targeted At Your Ideal Customer.  

Plus we’ve got major connections all over the internet. We have existing business relationships with over 3,700 companies all across the net! We can use these powerful business connections to secure the best ad rates you’ve ever seen. Plus, these connections allow you to advertise on websites that regular people off the street can't advertise on because they can't find them on their own.  You’ll be given step-by-step instructions that tell you exactly what to do and when to do it.

It’s time for you to be completely honest with yourself. The reason you haven’t made money on the internet in the past is because of “YOU.” --Yes, you got in the way of other systems in the past because you were allowed to. We don’t allow you to get in the way of this system. We don’t allow you to mess this up like you’ve messed up other things in the past. We have “Rules On Making Money” that you’ll follow to the exact “T.”

In fact, I won’t do business with you unless you promise you won’t try to change my system. Yes, you must promise me you won’t try to make a bunch of decisions and mess up this “Perfect System.” You shouldn’t have to make decisions with this system. I hope this doesn’t sound rude, but I don’t want you to do any thinking!

How much money did “THINKING” make you on the last program you tried to make money with on the internet? You wouldn’t be reading this right now if you made a fortune the last time you tried to make money on the net.  You’re reading this right now because you’re sick and tired of failing.  You’re sick and tired of dealing with people who just take your money and run.  You’re probably sick of people who don’t answer their phones after you’ve paid your money too! 

We answer our phones every day of the week except Sunday! And if you’ll just leave the thinking to us, we’ll give you a system that’s fail-proof and fool-proof! I’m going to tell you exactly what to do. This completely removes the "Failure-Factor." In the past, your problem was this:  Nobody ever gave you a basic set of instructions that was as easy as 1-2-3 to follow!  Well, you’re just minutes away from having the most basic set of “Money-Making” instructions on the net!

You literally can’t screw this up!  This is a “Push Button” system that produces absolutely perfect results no matter who uses it!  And if you ever do have a question, we’re one of the only “Work-At-Home” companies that actually picks up the phone every time you call us. Have you seen how many companies there are on the net that actually refuse to pick up their phone…Or worse yet, they don’t even list a phone number.  Sometimes I wonder how all these companies even stay in business when the only way they’ll communicate with you is by email (that’s if you’re lucky.)

"After All The Years I’ve Spent Helping People Make Money On The Internet, The One Thing I’ve Learned Is This..."

PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW THEY CAN PICK UP THE PHONE AND TALK TO SOMEONE!  Sorry for yelling, but why don’t all the other internet marketers and internet based companies understand this? Shouldn’t they know this by now?  After all, you know this and I know this.  Why don’t all the other guys understand this?  I give up on trying to figure them out, but one thing is for sure…I know I can help you make a rock solid income from your home computer.  The one talent god gave me when he made me was the ability to teach others how to support their families from home.

And remember, you’ll be using the exact same system I use everyday. Plus, you’ll have complete access to all my secret tools. Also, this is going to give you several streams of income. Yes, you can apply this system to just about any other business or website you’ve got. My goal is to provide you with something as simple as pressing a “Big Red Easy Button” that shoots out cash to you.

But I’m willing to do more than just help you set up “Cash Machines.”  I’m willing to be your mentor. I would never be where I am today if it wasn’t for my mentor. Regardless of whether you decide to make money with me and this system, the number one thing that I can recommend to you right now is to get yourself a mentor that HONESTLY cares about “YOU.”  And the “WHY” needs to make sense (why they care)

WHY is he or she wanting to help you?  If the “WHY” doesn’t make sense, then that person probably has an ulterior motive.  You should be suspicious of people trying to help you for no apparent reason (I know I sound like a skeptic but you should be just as skeptical)  I’m honest and up-front with people about why I want to help them.  I truly enjoy helping people. If I can show you how to be successful and make all the money you want, it will help me to have more testimonials from real people like yourself.

But what’s most important is that you get yourself a system.  You’ll never get duplication unless you have a system that pulls the person out of the equation (you’re that person.) So make sure those two key points are taken care of.

Part of the glue that holds this system together is our support staff. 

We’ve got eleven people in place (sitting at their desk next to a phone) ready to help you with any question you may have at this point.  The system is mostly automated so you probably won’t have any questions, but if you do, we’re standing by to help you every step of the way! 

We even have somebody in place that goes after the scam artists that may have taken your money in the past. She helps people that have been ripped off.  Yes, she can actually get your money back for you.

"When You Allow Me To Be Your Coach And Mentor, You Gain Access To A World You Never New Existed."

You get to finally have an inside view and see the things that only multi-millionaires normally get to see. You’ll get a glimpse at all the tools and information that you don’t usually get to see. I talk to people everyday who think making $5,000.00 a month from a computer is good money. Just because they don’t have to work hard for that money, they think that’s a lot. That boggles my mind because if I’m not making more than five times that in a month, I consider it a bad month!

But I learned how to make all this money by spending time with other millionaires and billionaires. You might not have access to any millionaires at this point, but since you’re reading this page, you clearly have access to at least one millionaire (hmmm. I wonder who I could be talking about.) I can provide you with tools and information that you never would know existed.

Again, I learned all this from a group of very wealthy people I associate with. So if you’ve ever wished you could soak up information from the ultra wealthy (people who make six figures a month, not a year) and do what they’re doing, now’s your chance! 

I’m going to allow you to tap into my group of multi-millionaires and be a part of our team! You’ll actually get to listen to them on conference calls and meet them in person (if you choose)  But you don’t have to meet them in person because we have regular conference calls where you can listen and ask questions.  You can even talk with them one-on-one if you prefer a more hands-on approach to learning about making money.

Jason at a meeting with Oprah's partner Steadman Graham, best selling author and motivational speaker.

"The Key Is To Stop Trying To Do Everything On Your Own And To Be A Part Of Something Much Bigger Than Yourself."

Tell me the name of anyone who ever made it to the top all by himself or herself?  Who do you know that did it with no outside help?  Nobody, because even if it looks like someone is doing it on their own, you just can’t see their team.  I’ve been at this long enough to know that behind every wealthy entrepreneur is a well trained team of other entrepreneurs.

So how are you going to begin making some serious income with us? Most people that come to me have never made a six figure income and they don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest. So I show these people how to set up systems on the internet that feel like having an ATM machine in your garage. 

You’ll talk to people in our group that have “CASH SYSTEMS” on the internet pulling in as much as $4,000.00 in a single day! You’ll also talk to people on our team that are only making $500.00 a day!  Believe it or not, some people are happy with a mere $500.00 a day!  The point is this:  You tell me what you want to make and I’ll help you set up an online system that fits your needs.

I’ve been making the kind of income doctors, lawyers, pro-athletes, and movie stars make for the past twelve years on the internet.  I follow a very specific, exact system.  I literally have a recipe and formula written down on a single 8 X 11 sheet of paper.  I wrote that recipe down twelve years ago and it really hasn’t changed much. 

Truck loads of money are still made the same way, using the exact same ingredients I was using in 1996.  And not just by me either, there are currently at least thirty-seven people I know of who are still using that old recipe.  There’s no good reason why you don’t deserve to be making the same kind of money we’ve been making all these years.  I’m willing to literally make copies of that piece of paper with my formula on it and give you one of the copies.

  "But I Won’t Give It Away For Nothing"

Since I’ve made millions of dollars with my formula, I believe it’s worth millions of dollars.  But I’m only going to ask for a tiny fraction of that.  I’ll give it to you for a very fair price.  I’d love to see the look on your face when you see my recipe for this automated system.  I’d also love to see the expression on your face when you witness this kind of money going into your bank account. 

I want to hear what you have to say after you witness what it’s like to have the kind of income I’m making.  I want you to see what it’s like to make big money with little or no effort.  Have you ever made a “Passive Income?”  If not, you’re about to experience what I call the 8th wonder of the world.  The 8th wonder of the world isn’t a place on Earth, it’s a place in your mind.  The 8th wonder is simply knowledge that you can hold in your hands and read on paper!

Not only am I going to let you see the inside view of my system and formula, but I’m going to personally help you set it up. All those other compensation plans you may have seen look like kids toys compared to the one you’re about to see here.  But you’ve probably had compensation plans thrown in your face on a regular basis and look where all those compensation plans have got you. You’ve probably already tried several home based business that never worked for you.

But your ability to make money from home has nothing to do with the products or the compensation plan. You could have the best product and compensation plan in existence but if you don’t have a strong vehicle to get massive amounts of people going to your website and automatically get them to order from you, then you’ve got nothing!

Yes, the reason other programs haven’t worked for you in the past is because you didn’t have a system that did everything for you automatically.  You need something that actually produces results even when you don’t know what you’re doing…Or even when you don’t feel like working. A good system will do that for you.

That’s what you didn’t have in the past!  Here’s the other thing you never had: You didn’t have a pro like me to help you put the system together for you!  You probably never had anyone helping you that truly knew what they were doing. You’ve joined other systems only to find out that you weren’t getting the support or leadership you needed.

You might have had someone that was a good salesperson and got you to join but then after that you never made a serious income because you couldn’t duplicate.  I built this system with all that in mind.  I already knew what the problem with all the other systems was.  So I took a good hard look at why people like yourself were failing at other systems and I added all the components most people can’t do on their own. 

Yes, I built a system that does all the heavy lifting for you.  Take a moment and think about what it takes to make money from a home computer.  Now think about the parts you’re not very good at.  Now think about this:  This system does those “THINGS” you don’t like doing or don’t know how to do all by itself! You simply click that “BIG RED EASY BUTTON” and this system goes to work for you. Here’s the really good news:  I don’t force you to plug this system into my product! You can plug this system into anything and become successful.

So exactly how much does it cost to find out all these techniques and secrets?

Just $19.95 to have the code of “Internet Marketing Professionals” broken in front of your very own eyes! A one time fee of only $19.95 to have all of their secrets revealed for the first time! It’s these Internet Marketing Professionals that have been keeping you down all this time by telling you their outrageous lies over and over again.

Order Now 

Don’t let them do it to you anymore! They’re in control right now but you can easily take it away from them. Take control of your own internet destiny starting right now!  Can this book really bring thousands of new visitors to your website starting today? Absolutely! I’m so confident about this online book that I’m going to reveal all the secrets to you for 90 days to try them out for yourself...If you aren’t completely satisfied with your new income and the thousands of new visitors to your website, I’ll give you 100% of your money back. No Questions Asked!

Let's wrap this up... I've pefected a very unusual internet money-making system. This ideal internet business gives me up to $2,778.50 in a single day! I really believe you can learn and use this system to give you the same income I'm currently bringing home. Everything you need to get started with this system is provided to you for less than the price of dinner for two!

Consider this: If your life continues in the same way it's been going...

» Will you actually be where you honestly want to be in life this same time next year?

» How can you be certain you'll be any closer to the financial freedom you want?

» Will you're dreams, plans, and desires actually come to be your reality?

If you don’t like your own answers to the above questions… I will help you take the steps to get you on the right path toward changing your financial situation forever. If you plan on getting different results in your life, you obviously need to do something different than you've been doing.

Yes, you can keep dragging yourself out of bed to that never ending day job. Yes, you can keep hoping and praying that one day you'll some how get ahead and make something substantial for yourself. But why on Earth would you bother putting yourself through all that? Why not put a stop to all that misery right here and now. It's a matter of simply investing in yourself and finding out how easy it is to create more than one income stream. With this time-tested, proven program in your hands you’ll begin to discover the real, genuine secrets to bringing in absolute wealth and freedom.

Take a moment to think about this:

$19.95 is a drop in the bucket compared to the money you’d be missing-out on if you choose not to get this book. Looking at it that way…

» If you don't take action now while it is fresh in your mind, then - when will you?

» Get your copy of this money making, traffic pulling online book right now!

» Don’t put this off - you’re worth it.

» Soon you can live life on your terms - and this book will help you every step of the way.

You’ll notice most websites offering business opportunities these days seem to be hiding behind a contact form. Most Internet companies don’t list a phone number, and even when they do, it’s almost never answered. So I like to make it clear up front, just how easy it is to get in contact with us.

If you've made it this far, you're very likely the kind of person who's going to succeed.  It would have been impossible for the tire kickers and quitters to make it past the first paragraph of this page. So you’ve already proven yourself to me.  You’ve already proven you’re worth my time which means you now have an invitation to call and work with me. You can call me at 530-222-1659.

Double Payment Systems
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Our phone number is: 530-222-1659
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This book gives you a high demand product, a high demand service, along with a website that converts your traffic into buyers. Yes, you heard right! It doesn't matter if you don't have a website and it doesn't matter if you don't have any products or services yet. Because included inside this system, you'll get a website and products! Best of all, you won't have to share your profits because if you order right now, you even get royalty rights to the most popular product of all! There's even special directions included for people that are are new to the internet so even total beginners can use this system. You get everything you need to create the life you’ve been putting off.


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